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Wan Smolbag is 25 years old in 2014!

We are hosting a theatre festival to celebrate that  follows the success of the 2009 festival, which saw artists from Vanuatu, New Zealand, England, New Caledonia, and Australia performing and leading workshops in schools, communities, and at Wan Smolbag Haos.
The festival attracted great public support as witnessed from the attendance at the impressive opening ceremony, dance and theatre workshops, and the multiple showings of the eleven distinct performances with full houses at every showing.
This festival will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wan Smolbag and is anticipated to attract a variety of artists and performance styles as well as show case different cultures. It will be held on 27 June - 6 July 2014.
Not only do we see this festival as an opportunity for collective learning and sharing with international theatre groups, it also creates a unique opportunity for Wan Smolbag, youth, and the public to experience contemporary international theatre here in Vanuatu!
Wan Smolbag are currently looking for sponsors, donors and further support to fund the project - news of which will be updated on this page.
So if you are interested in supporting the  Wan Smolbag 25th Anniversary International Theatre Festival, please get in touch!

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