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Over the years, Wan Smolbag has created a wide range of educational resources many of which are available for purchase or free download (see Downloads).

Select from the options listed left, DVDs, CDs, Play Scripts or Books. Some titles appear under more than one medium, as there may be a DVD and a music CD of the same title, or a book that accompanies a DVD that can also be used on its own without reference to the film. Going offline? Download the resources catalogue.

These resources are FREE for Pacific island schools and NGOs.

Funded through international aid, it is our aim to make these resources as widely available as possible to all interested parties. If you are able to pay our cost-recovery charges this will promote continuation and expansion of our educational drama programmes. If your organisation cannot afford to pay our charges, please get in touch with us anyway.

Some opinions on Wan Smolbag products........

I have hung the booklets in our library where they are enthusiastically read by many students.... Thanks again for providing such excellent and relevant materials (at no cost) to the communities and schools of Vanuatu.   I run a youth drop in centre in Madang. We show educational videos on Wednesdays at the centre. We are currently showing the Love Patrol Series and using the resource book to facilitate discussions....The DVDs you have developed are really enjoyed by the participants that come to our centre and learn about youth issues.

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