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Wan Smolbag has been dealing with environmental issues for many years now. Select from the activity headings below or scroll down the full page for a summary of our environmental plays.


With our extensive experience in tackling environmental issues we have scripts available on probably any topic you care to mention, from logging to reef management, leaf medicine to sustainable tourism and sea cucumber farming.

We have plays aimed at primary schools such as our pantomime Mighty Hawk and Magic Fish (published by Faber and Faber) and Invasion of the Litter Creatures to more adult focused pieces such as Snakes and Lizards, which examines the understandable desire on the part of communities to sell off their resources to agents for sale overseas. But the play asks, is it sustainable?

Another area earlier explored with support of the Packard Foundation was the relationship between population growth and pressures on the environment. Snakes and Lizards also points out that the pressure to sell resources increases with the number of mouths to feed.

  • Environmental Songs 2 music CD (see CDs)
  • Better Off Today Teachers Manual (see Books)
  • Vanua-Taiof Land and Sea documentary (see DVDs)
  • Dont Mix It/Dont Burn It comic book (see Books)
  • Namba Blong Yumi I Go Antap and Mika I Kam Long Taon comic books (see Books)

Some comments on Wan Smolbag's tourism after-play workshops....

This workshop was very important to me and the future of my children. It taught me that I can use my skills and the local resources that surround me to make a project. I learned that I must have a good plan, prepare well in advance, and take action to help pull tourists to our village in order to earn money to help my family.   Wan Smolbag is an organisation that always remembers people in the rural islands of Vanuatu in order to help us to develop knowledge and skills so that we can develop our village, community, and island.

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