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A Wan Smolbag Theatre production, these 10-part TV series are a first for the Pacific; its very own locally produced TV soap opera. Love Patrol 1 has been broadcast all over the Pacific, on ABC International's Asia-Pacific network, Maori TV in New Zealand, Fiji One TV and from Papua New Guinea to the Cook Islands.

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Love Patrol 1, 2 and 3 are available on DVD direct from Wan Smolbag. Series 4 will be available after April, 2012. [Order Form]

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We have created Youtube playlists for each Season.

Series 1
The first two series were funded jointly by the Australian Government (including through the Pacific Regional HIV/AIDS Project - PRHP), by Nga Hoe Tuputupu-mai-tawhiti (NZAID) and by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), with additional support for series 2 from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

STORYLINE: The action takes place in a police station in an urban centre somewhere in the Pacific. Mark is a detective. He desperately wants his wife to have a child, but he's also caught up with Rita, a singer in a bar. A gang of boys are slipping into houses to steal money and they rob a Minister's house. The search for the boys takes us into the settlements, and the other side of paradise. Love Patrol is a locally produced mini TV series, that also aims to look at the causes for the growing HIV epidemic in the region.


Two main characters are Mark and Elizabeth


Conflicting interests for Mark in Love Patrol 1

DVD available in French
Series 1 has been subtitled in French by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and is entitled L'Amour sous haute surveillance. See the SPC information pages on HIV & AIDS (open in a new tab/window). Or their Love Patrol page.

Resource Guides
As they become available the DVDs and workbooks of Love Patrol series are distributed widely to schools and communities around the Pacific. For series 1 a student & teacher workbook in English accompanies the DVD for schools and appropriate organisations. A community resource is available for use outside formal education. Both of these workbooks are now also available in French. Workbooks have been printed for subsequent series, as listed below.

Resource Guide pdf downloads
Series 1 - English
Resource guide for schools
Community resource guide

Series 1 - en français/French
Manuel de l'educateur (for schools)
Manuel de l'animateur communitaire
(for communities)

Series 2 - English
Resource guide for schools and communities

Series 3 - English - NEW!
Resource guide for schools and communities

Offset printed copies of all guides are usually available from Wan Smolbag.

An evaluation survey and report was carried out in 2008 on the impact of Love Patrol 1 in Fiji, Solomons and Vanuatu. Download the full report (approx 1.5mb).

Some comments from Vanuatu audiences....

Love Patrol is like a mirror reflecting the government and the people of Vanuatu.   It raises issues that are hard for people to talk about, but when it comes out on TV, no one blames anyone for raising those issues and it becomes a way to begin talking about important issues.

From Fiji and the Solomons....

Love Patrol is good in that it projects Pacific lifestyle and difficult issues that happen within. Viewing things in a Pacific perspective - I like it!   [Love Patrol and the teacher support materials] help us to think and be creative on how to attract learners' attention and involvement.

Some interesting statistics....

In Vanuatu, 88% of those surveyed (over 800) watched Love Patrol, over three-quarters of them watching almost the whole series.   In Fiji, a viewer survey by Fiji TV found that up to 15% of the whole population watched the whole series, with 100,000 viewers every week.

This Islands Business article by Nicole Gooch, in late 2007, contains some further audience comments.

Series 2
Following the immense popularity throughout the Pacific of the first series, Smolbag launched the second series in Vanuatu in September and in Fiji in October 2009.

STORYLINE: A pretty new trainee at the police station; a report in the local newspaper revealing that Mark's wife Elizabeth is HIV positive; a criminal gang of drug runners sending drugs through the Pacific; Kalo and Tony finding a strange package on the beach while out running one morning....these stories and more take us into the world of Love Patrol 2.

Love Patrol 2 has screened on TV channels around the Pacific:
Fiji (Fiji One),
Vanuatu (TBV),
Guam (PBS),
New Zealand (Maori TV),
Australia's ABC International Asia-Pacific network,
Cook Islands (CITV),
Kiribati (KBC),
Palau (Oceania),
Papua New Guinea (EMTV),
Pitcairn library and
the Solomons (SITV)....

See New Zealand media reviews of Love Patrol 2 on Maori TV. Dominion newspaper article download or read the NZ Herald newspaper review.

Report on Love Patrol 2 available for download.

The complete second series (10 episodes) is available on DVD from WSB together with Love Patrol 1 (as a box set), or separately.


Exciting times for this young boy in series 2


Belinda and Edward on the beat round town

Series 3

Funded by the Asian Development Bank, series 3 is on general release, and is now available on DVD. Officially launched at Wan Smolbag Haos in September 2010, it has hit TV screens in Vanuatu and Fiji and should reach several other Pacific countries shortly. See the Fiji Times article on the Love Patrol 3 launch in Suva in 2010.

- Already shown on TBV in Vanuatu and Fiji One TV.
- Officially launched in the Solomon Islands on 16 December 2010.
- Cook Islands launch postponed until 2011.
- Papua New Guinea's EMTV

Maori TV and ABC International have bought the rights to screen LP 3.

STORYLINE: Love Patrol continues with the discovery of a girl's body in the undergrowth. Mark from the local police station has to unravel the truth about her death, while a creeper unsettles the whole community, AIDS Alert staff continue to battle prejudice and ignorance and Myra, the Minister's wife, becomes increasingly unhappy with her home situation.


Preparation on set in the police station


Myra is surprised by her husband's return

Series 4

Thanks to funding from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and AusAID, and ongoing core funding from both AusAID and the New Zealand Aid programmes, Love Patrol 4 is now on general release. The DVD will be available around April 2012. Along with Love Patrol 3, ABC International has bought screening rights for Love Patrol 4.

STORYLINE: Tom and Christine, an apparently happy and successful professional couple, are thrown into personal turmoil after a break-in at their home. Police detective Mark becomes involved, at the same time investigating the mysterious death of a young man - a death that leads the new church pastor to whip up community panic over black magic. Ronald, the senior pastor, is appalled but also suffers ongoing family disruption with son Kalo’s struggle with alcohol. Meanwhile, in prison, Lorraine is facing demons of her own.


A shock discovery spoils Christine's evening


Heavy-handed tactics from an angry brother

Series 5

Thanks to ongoing funding from AusAID, Love Patrol 5 has been filmed and is now in post-production. It is scheduled for General Release in November, 2012.


A business man wanting to sell firearms is trying to sweettalk an old and young politician to get their permission by offering to back their election campaigns.


Tony is trying to persuade the recording studio manager that his songs are worth recording by busking in the street outside his office.

Series 6

Funding for Love Patrol 6 has been approved. Playwright Jo Dorras is penning the script. Filming will start in July/August.

Funding sought for future Love Patrols

Because of Love Patrol's local resonance and ensuing popularity, people have been exposed to issues that are rarely talked about in the Pacific. The use of the soap format has brought 'tabu' topics into people's living rooms and raised discussion about HIV amongst ordinary people in many Pacific countries. The continuation of the series ensures a consistent flow of information concerning reproductive health, STIs and HIV transmission and prevention.

If you are interested in knowing more or think you may be able to help with funding, please email us at

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