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  Disability Radio Play
In September of 2011, the theatre group from the Vanuatu Society for Disabled People (VSDP) worked on 3 radio dramas, which were scripted using custom stories they had collected. All actors in the plays were persons with a disability.
Love Patrol 4 launched
In October, Love Patrol 4 was launched to a fully packed house.People who came to the lauch were treated to the frist 3 episodes of the series. The majority of people present at the lauch were young people, although there were quite a number of older folks as well.
  Fifth World Arts Summit
In October of 2011, Danny Marcel and Jo Dorras spoke about Wan Smolbag’s work using drama in sexual health and the Love Patrol series at a plenary session of the 5 th World Arts Summit in Melbourne Australia. The summit was attended by delegates from all over the world.
International Youth Day
On the same day that the Deputy Director of AusAID handed over the lease, WSB played host to other NGOs and 300 youth to mark International Youth day with a frenzy of sport, bands and hip hop dances. It was a packed day at Wan Smolbag as people (both the young and the young at heart) all over Port Vila came to witness these celebrations.
  AusAID hands over land lease
In August, the Deputy Director of AusAID officially handed over the lease for the buildings which WSB has been renting for the past 18 years. AusAID have provided the money to buy the land ensuring that the whole WSB compound will now be accessible to youth for the foreseeable future.
Love Patrol 5 filming starts
Love Patrol 5 went into production with new cameras. Cannon 5Ds taking the picture quality, hopefully, to a new level. This started just after the Independence Celebrations were over (ie July/August). Filming started with night shoots and eventually goes onto day shoots.
  Young Life band goes to Nairobi
In June, Young Life, a band formed at the Youth Centre, wins a worldwide video clip competition for songs about corruption and wins a trip to Nairobi to perform live. Young Life was one of the four winning bands, chosen out of over 100 bands which submitted their music online at the Fair Play Anti-Corruption Music website. Watch the video on Youtube.
Zero Balans Opens
WSB's newest major stage production "Zero Balans" hits the stage from May 7 to June 25. Shows on every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. This is also WSB's first stage production with its own Facebook group.
  Sexual Violence & Police Violence debated
The Youth Centre ran 2 debates in late November to be broadcast on Television Blong Vanuatu (TBV): Vanuatu i fail blong protektem ol gel long seksual vaelens & Yumi mas jenisem loa blong letem polis i yusum vaelens.
Broadcasts: 29 Nov and 10 Dec.
Love Patrol 3 on Fiji One TV
Following the launch of Love Patrol 3 in Suva on Nov 17th (attended by Virana David who plays Lorraine) the new series is scheduled to hit screens on 5 Dec. Sunday 5 Dec at 5.30pm on Fiji One! Don't miss it.
Love Patrol page
  Love Patrol 3 on TBV
Episode 1 started on Television Blong Vanuatu on Sunday 17 Oct, 7.30pm. The series is running on SUNDAYS at 7.30pm (after the news) repeating on THURSDAYS same time, in case you miss it or want to see it again! Distribution around TV networks around the Pacific to follow.
Love Patrol page
Love Patrol t-shirts for sale
Be cool and show your support for the show and its themes by buying a Love Patrol t-shirt! Ranging from children's to XXXL they come in various designs. See prices (local), or if you don't live locally email us: .
  Pentecost string bands on BBC Radio 3
BBC's World on 3 featured tracks from the 'Step Wan' CD on Friday 26 March and 9 April. The recording of Step Wan in 2008 allowed 9 north Pentecost bands, through our Haulua Youth Centre, to record their first ever CD. Listen to Raga, to Boy Sara or buy the CD! [Order Form]. All funds to the Pentecost project.
4-part ABC arts programme with Robin Archer
A programme filmed last year for Australian TV network ABC, went to air on Fri 9 April. The 4-part series featured Wan Smolbag around communities in Efate.
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