The HAULUA Youth Centre is based on the Island of Pentecost

In 2004 we opened our youth centre in Haulua, Pentecost, giving youth on the island an opportunity to learn new skills and join regular workshops run by the tutors from our other centres and various other NGOs and Government Departments. We also have a private area for our nurses who visit on a monthly basis to provide reproductive health treatment and advice.

Haula has brought the community together


The WSB Youth Centre is a youth drop-in centre that caters for all children and young people with equal opportunities for personal development. We strive for gender equality and encourage holistic development by offering a wide range of opportunities. We run daily classes in health and nutrition, sports, computing, art, pottery, sewing, drama and literacy. Membership fee is only a 100vt per year.


Vanua-tai also works on conservation projects on land as well as at sea and monitors in North Efate are replanting mangroves to help combat coastal erosion as well as trying to combat the huge loss of mangroves that is happening round the coasts of Efate and the outer islands. Vanua-tai monitors work in partnership with Island Reach, a research and conservation vessel which provides technical assistance and transport to Vanua-tai monitors.