Our YUT SENTA has over 1000 registered youth and offers a range of classes for just 100vt ($1)

The Youth Centre was established in 2005 in response to community demand for a space which meets the needs of the rapidly rising youth population in the peri-urban areas of Port Vila, many of whom are considered ‘at-risk’. It aims to encourage the holistic development of youth by offering a wide range of educational, sporting, recreational and creative opportunities.

The youth centre is a second home for so many youths in port vila. It is chance for youth who have left school or didn't go to school to learn something new.

The WSB Youth Centre is a youth drop-in centre that caters for all children and young people with equal opportunities for personal development. We strive for gender equality and encourage holistic development by offering a wide range of opportunities. We run daily classes in health and nutrition, sports, computing, art, pottery, sewing, drama and literacy. Membership fee is only a 100vt per year.

With more than half of the population aged below 25 in Vanuatu, many youths have been pushed out from formal education stream due to school fees and other social problems affecting their lives today. Therefore, the Youth Centre provides an accessible and safe environment to particularly those considered at risk in the peri-urban areas of Port Vila.